10 thoughts on “Remembering the “4 Little Girls Prologue””

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    A remembrance of the heartbreak and devastation caused by the spiritual murder of prejudice. Let us all take heed and learn to not live with this in our hearts, Amen!

  2. Sad! I don’t necessarily remember this event but I do remember watching a movie on Netflix I believe it’s called “The Watsons goes to Birmingham” and it was a scene in this movie about this particular tragic event, I did not know it was a actual event. Thanks for shining the light and opening up my knowledge my sista!

    1. No problem. Please note, the world honors the life of “the 4 little girls” but there were also 2 black boys that were killed that day, Virgil and Johnny. America didn’t value mentioning this. I’m glad you found this information.

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