When We Arrived asks Jolivette “The Poet Warrior” about Iconic Poet Sonia Sanchez

sonia sanchez

Share your perspective on Sonia’s contribution to the feminine narrative.

In her poem titled Song #2 she writes:

“Don’t let them kill you with their stare
Don’t let them closet you with no air
Don’t let them feed you sex piecemeal
Don’t let them offer you any old deal.”

That’s therapy. That’s a major contribution.

What do you think has been Sonia’s recipe for a writing career spanning over 40 years?

Mother Sonia stays true to her people. She is honest about us and with us. She is most importantly honest with herself. She put her life into her work so we would see what could happen in our own lives.

She is a deep, critical thinker and she thinks deeply about humanity. Her voice carries the memory of Father Malcolm and so many other ancestors.

She speaks words and sounds to drown out the sounds of oppression.

With your interaction with Sanchez, what are two things we wouldn’t know about her? (fun facts if you may)

She is small in stature but her energy is huge!

She is who she is, her energy has been the same each time I’ve been in her presence.

She encourages true communication and believes we should create time and space to love each other to better understandings of each other so we can make progress for the babies that haven’t been born yet.


Jolivette Anderson-Douoning is an Interdisciplinary scholar whose research is grounded in the Humanities and Applied Professions disciplines. 
Also known as Jolivette Anderson ‘the poet warrior’, she is a Race and Culture Educator who uses “Third Space Theory” to develop teaching and learning experiences that facilitate greater understandings of Black cultural existence and experience in the United States.
She is a Phd student and research assistant in American Studies / Curriculum and Instruction at Purdue University. Her current research examines the purpose and relevancy of Black Cultural Centers between 1965 to 1995 and interrogates the future of BCC in a post – Obama United States of America.
She has four recordings of poetry and prose: Love and Revolution UndergroundAt the End of a Rope in MississippiJolivette Live: A Bluesy Funk Life Cycle, and She Energy.
For bookings and additional information thepoetwarrior@icloud.com or DrJolly2015@gmail.com 

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