this was a beauty mark. in fact I have three.
now a mole / raised
checkerboard faith
every other one
every other time
bulimic dreams
– never staying
so I must confess to conducting concerts of judgment
reconciling with fear
of not having enough wattage
to light an ill thatched roof
with hoards of perplexed naysayers
and modest supporters

but this notion, these thoughts
have been here since my beauty marks
and now raised
I resolve
I can only be an artist.

3 thoughts on “wattage”

  1. Because that’s what you are! Yes. Your soul sings sonnets, your eyesight weaves Sky ribbons, and your empathy cries emotion. Always evocative. There is hardly a poem on this blog that doesn’t resonate with me. This is testament to the power and potentiality for community within sisterhood. My Sister, My Self. Indeed. Beauty marks: making beauty with art. Continue.

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