26 thoughts on “Today in Charleston”

  1. This country, to which I came to live a new life away from hatred, nationalism and murder, turns out to be a cradle of racism, inequality and violence. I am angry, disappointed and very sad about what’s happening here…

      1. It’s not only here, it’s all over the world, but media here doesn’t show things (talking about free press… my a**) pardon my language…

  2. It is horrible! I mean how sick and twisted do you have to be? In a church! Smh it makes me sick to my stomach to even think about the disregard people have for Black lives. I have no words for this, only tears smh….

  3. Thank you for sharing such a powerful post. The picture is so moving. There are no words, for such a shocking act, but many tears for the lives lost. Love and respect to their families.

  4. I too am sickened by the violence going on everywhere, everyday now it seems. A close friend of mine was just attacked & nearly run over during a carjacking Monday. It seems like everywhere I turn, innocent people are being hurt. It’s going beyond race, it’s everywhere.

    and then there’s the racial issues also involving violence. Police with no regard, and itchy trigger fingers, and rough, forceful hands.

    At times I have to turn off the news & just block it out, for my own mental well-being. Our future looks bleak.

  5. Powerful artwork that exposes another terrible American tragedy. Time and time again we In the UK witness on our news shootings in schools, on the streets and in churches. We can not understand why more is not done and the question on many lips is; what will it take for gun legislation to be introduced? Thank you for a sad and powerful post. It is such a shame it had to be made. Dave at http://www.daveyoungpoet.wordpress.com

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    Powerful and tragic artwork by Sage Gallon. Words fail me and I suspect many other at what happened in Charleston, USA. How strong is the voice for gun legislation in the United States? Not strong methinks.

  7. Your art says it all
    I truly believe that guns should be totally banned. The licensing laws must be made stricter and more rigourous tests and investigations need to made into anyone wanting one! I believe that no one needs to have a gun, only those who need a gun for their work and then those guns should be securely kept at the place of work! America you are no longer pioneers you do not need guns . I do know that all countries have this problem to larger and lesser degrees but please it should not be as easy to buy a gun as it is to buy your weekly goceries!
    On the same subject I read that the Emanuel AME Church is opening today for a service of solidarity and rememberence for the relatives of the dead. I believe that all the churches will ring their bells in support. This madness and hate must stop it is like a cancer.

    Only last night there were deaths and serious injuries in West Philadelphia . Everyone needs to stop and think about what is happening and why is it happening .

  8. Our Loss, Our Heart

    Those words only. I wish I had seen this before I published my true thoughts on the issues surrounding the attack. It took me days to put them into a post as my heart broke. Had I seen it, I would have begged you to be allowed to use it.

    Your art, beautiful, expressive and poignant.

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