My Favorite Quote, for you now!


7 thoughts on “My Favorite Quote, for you now!”

  1. I forget sometime that I live in a social hubris and that there are other cultures that, at the very least, deserves to have their words acknowledged as relevant of their very real struggles. This is the first time I have heard of this woman and any successful woman deserves kudos for even trying to challenge the status quo. I am sure there were many senseless injustices that tried to ruin her integrity but it seems she still faced them with courage and fortitude and that is something I greatly admire. I do not know what circumstances had caused this point to be said, I can only believe it was a difficult journey. But any person, male or female, who can be seen as ‘full of’ themselves can risk having no room to be nourished by the Lord.

    1. I respectfully disagree. You don’t need to make room for the Most High if you’ve accepted it as a part of your life. Not something to bring in when you need it. I also respectfully disagree with this quote being cultural. This is for any Woman. But the beautiful thing about art is, there’s enough of it somewhere to resonate with somebody everywhere.

      1. I do apologize for leaving the impression that I believed this, or any, quote could be culturally based, I only meant that my perception suffers a cultural hubris and perhaps, because of that, I am not reading this quote correctly. I do not understand why the matter of art would come into the defense of this quote, unless that was the bases of Ms. Giovanni’s presentation but I posted a comment because I wish to try to understand this quote better. That based on Ms. Giovanni’s other work, that I found inspiring, I wanted to remain open to another interpretation. I am grateful for your respectful response and I do regret that when I hear ‘full of themselves’ coupled to the invocation that we do not need to make room for the Lord, unfortunately, I hear a rather negative context.

        I pray that from Ms. Giovanni’s wisdom that what can be yielded in this exchange is that two people can disagree and still continue to respect each other. This, I believe, you already demonstrated; I am grateful for your response and I hope I have reciprocated the same level of respect you have given, and I remain open to any further clarification of this quote that I might be missing.

        1. Ms Giovanni is a wise 72 year young internationally known poet. I’m extremely pleased to introduce her work as one of my favorite artists and even more elated to introduce her to others. I am grateful for this dialogue and the opportunities of interpretation that comes with art.

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