Critical Poet

Lay away your titles and serve
Protect your streets / embrace your breath
and promise to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

No, you do not.have to be naked
or talk about broken hearts constantly
what about your grandmother who turned
rotten peaches into cobbler?
last years sweaters into quilts?
Trade in your annihilating compromises
shine the jewels on your crown
cheat death
innovate and smile
part with your learned patterns
like deep cleavage

I am a critical poet.
I don’t think like most and I allow myself to speak what most won’t
I can live with that
stand by that.
I am a critical poet.


11 thoughts on “Critical Poet”

  1. I believe you are a woman, as defined by a woman, and not what men have said a woman should be and so many women have submitted to these “annihilating compromises”, emulating male versions of ego, so as to be taken seriously. You express the strength, wisdom and truth virtue of a courageous woman.

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