this part here

This is the day the newly established homeless man stripped down to his underwear in the laundry mat and pleaded with the children to stop laughing at him because it was all he had and at least he kept it clean…

This is for my nervousness when I see a shuffled haired white man in the post office with a large duffel bag…
This is me realizing this is how white women must feel when she passes a black man on the street…

This smile is for the day my nephew put his new football on the phone for me to talk to it
then left the room
This is me imagining what his 11 month old sister thought when she walked in the room and had to choose between a football or a telephone yelling her name…

This is in spite of my prayers for love I think he’s lying when he says it..

All this is to remind us we’re human.

12 thoughts on “this part here”

  1. Powerful piece. Notes I think. You have planted more stories here.

    Reading this I’m reminded that fear prevents so much good from happening.


  2. Yes indeed, Nikki Skies, we are all human, and that is wonderful when we see, feel and understand that. Thanks for sharing.

  3. This is just so engaging. I see all the scenes. And I want to just take a moment to weep for everything that’s bad. And everything that’s good. About the world.

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