Grandmama knew God

I’m remembering when God let neighbors smack your hand for stealing
when God had you squealin’ cause Grandmama pinched you under the armpit
Sit still in church / Cross your legs / is what she told you the first four times

Grandmama knew all that and more!
I’m remembering God being there
Broke ankle / sprained back / cracked finger bone / car wreck
stealing hearts
She would whisper, “thank you God, you’re still here”

I remember
when I found homemade hooch in the cellar
and decided to take a sip or two
God was there / so Grandmama knew!
she washed it down with a capful of castor oil
I never did that again.

Grandmama knew God
I remember.

18 thoughts on “Grandmama knew God”

  1. Thank God for Grandmas who knew God! Mine did also. If it wasn’t for her I would not have known love! Lovely picture Nikki.

  2. Beautiful posts you’ve got here… Just gets me going but I had to comment on this sadly I never got the chance to see grandma, but I believe I see her through ma mother’s eyes cause she talked about her all the time. Thanks so much for following I’m humbled. I’ll stick around here for some time, plenty to read 🙂

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