for daughters and mothers

For daughters who hate mothers for
not being Grandma
For mothers who hate daughters
Cause she thinks she know it all
If only they’d not played with baby dolls
maybe both wouldn’t be disappointed
with Reality.

This is for the daughters from mothers
Who are now mothers of daughters
That meet at the shore of unforgiving
whose hearts are prematurely laid to rest
Tomb stone reading.. fear

This is for mothers who hate daughters for being just like them
This is for daughters who hate mothers for not teaching them any better
For mothers with old tricks that no longer separate the sun from recycled patio air
For daughters with paper doll necks held upright with duct taped thoughts of suicide
both parked on one way streets without life’s permission to do so
…faces marked hourly with tears

This is for way too tired mothers
Who have true dreams of stress ridden daughters with sunflower crowns

This is for mothers & daughters
who stuff their wounds with spider webs
and catch men with two legs, four lives and a thousand lies

This is a prayer for time to cancel judgment from the memory bank of what was important

For daughters and mothers facing sad reflections
Digging deep regrets
At the shore of unforgiving.

nikki skies copyright 2014

28 thoughts on “for daughters and mothers”

  1. There is much sound thought in this – as often. The line about time to cancel judgement stands out. Some people aren’t given the time which is why you present a prayer

  2. A powerful poem. The mother daughter relationship can be a tough one, especially when a bad pattern has lasted several generations. I’m also healing and standing on the shores of forgiveness.

    1. Likewise. My mother and I stood on that shore for almost a year with no communication. She wasn’t who I wanted her to be and I wasn’t who she wanted me to be. We had to reintroduce ourselves. It is a tough relationship indeed…

  3. I’m somewhere in this poem, as a daughter and a mother. Your writing makes me want to be a better writer/poet, Nikki. Thank you for sharing.

    1. I write what I am. This poem was my mother and I years back. Now as a mom, I pray for something different with my daughter. I’m elated you are inspired! Sincerely,

  4. I am a mother and a daughter who lost my mother. I am so moved by this marvelous piece. Thank you.

    One of your tags says ‘spoken word’. Is there a recording of this?

    1. I’m so happy to hear you connect with this poem. This was indeed my mother and I when I was in my 20’s. There is no recording of it. I noted spoken word because it is a poem I recite at performances. Thank you again.

  5. amazing insight and powerful prose…seriously. kinda gave me goosebumps. ima mother hater n’ daughter lover 😉 with good reasons for both 😉

  6. This is powerful. A sociological piece on intergenerational conflict and a psychological dissection of blames and recriminations that mothers and daughters hurl at each other whilst they hurt with pain, frustration and disappointment. Biology, sociology, culture and psychology converge to build barriers and worsen the storm and stress caused by growing up and clash of models. And the men, hawks, are there waiting to explore and exploit.

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