How Do You Father Another Man’s Son? – a poem by Conney Williams (video post)

“Don’t just lend them your name / give them the gristle at the end of your bone!
reveal your scars and your tears / hide your prayers inside their lunch” – Conney Williams

Enjoy this poetry video post featuring the words from a Los Angeles literary legend,
Conney Williams.

From the poetry cd, “unsettled water”. 

If you are in the Los Angeles area, support Conney at his release party, May 8th 6:30 pm at Vibrations, 2435 Manchester Blvd in Inglewood!
Please visit


17 thoughts on “How Do You Father Another Man’s Son? – a poem by Conney Williams (video post)”

  1. Oh Nikki! Powerful, powerful, powerful! I am crying tears for all the children growing up without fathers, including two of my own grandbabies. The prayer I am hiding is that they will have a father figure who will father another man’s son. The words of Conney Williams are gospel truth!

    1. I agree! When he sent me the cd, several poems stuck out but I had not heard this narrative before from a man. It’s vulnerable and so beautiful. He is an amazing artist! And please, “hide your prayers inside their lunch.” (LOVE that line)

    2. thank you “A Former Prison Librarian.” i am happy to hear that this poem resonated with you and others here. please share with others. i hope that you have an opportunity to hear the entire project. being a father has been the most gratifying job i’ve ever had. blessings

    1. Yes! The entire poetry cd is amazing! It takes the listener on several stories… but this one really stood out to me! I’m glad you enjoyed this too.

  2. wow, it’s really great to see this wonderful feedback. makes you feel as though you really spoke truth that reached others the way it reached me when i was writing this poem. i hope that everyone will take the opportunity and share this track with their circle of friends (and enemies). thank you so much for your support. p3ace and blessings

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