I wanted to share a poem
but was told to bring you seeds.
       With today’s yellow breath
I blow you these seeds
the same seeds washed ashore from an ocean bed of
who songs dance ripples
in stillness.
      mystified and feared / studied and             revered

I bring you their seeds
that the world studies at every full moon

abandon finesse and sweat
        Revolt paying double for life
or occupying corners like unwanted dining room tables needing coupons.

mute the schizophrenia of your soul characterizing complacency with title / money / degrees /
seek service change and altitude         converse with instruction
          and questions the answers.

Take these seeds
in the pockets of your Birmingham hips
and starve / no more.

nikki skies copyright 2012

6 thoughts on “SEEDS”

      1. When someone hears what we are really trying to say then we receive our reward for our work. No amount of money or fame can fulfill that need. We write because our souls need a voice for its pain. I appreciate your ability to voice your journey.

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