When We Arrived presents: On the Horizon by the poet, Ptah

On the horizon,
finding the anticipation of creation,
the dawning of rebirth,
essence of power a cradle of life.
No I’m no longer conjuring negativity
but vitality which causes my mind to become free,
opening the gates of heaven so blessings may flow unto me.
In a ship destined to heaven with the most high at its helm in a position of bent knees and palm to palm like an ancient hieroglyphic pointing to the lord of two realms.
Leaving the cycle of destruction entering as an apprentice but this is no Humane construction.

Building an edifice to heaven is not impossible just I’m submissive to the lords will,
thus I write until the purpose is fulfilled:
being truly spirit lead,
invokes hate jealousy and envy to those who are unworthy to taste the honey!
Hearing and doing,
reflecting only to align my spine with the divine .
No need to look back in time cause now is all we have.
Increase has come,
ordained now to shepherd the lost souls who don’t even realize there blind deaf and dumb.
Ask Nicodemus,
there is no purchase or set income,
which can pull u up from the fiery hellish slum .
A tum A tum, ancient ancestor, protect guide and help me be a vessel of light
so I may shine like the sun on the horizon.

What Poetry can teach us about life?
Poetic expression grants a sense of acceptance and identity to bearing ones own soul, while also giving a therapeutic release.

What is one of your favorite local places to perform?
One of my favorite local poetry spots would be “Verbal Mayhem Poetry Collective”, on Rutgers Campus. As well as local open mic I started around 2009 entitled, “Expressions Of Self& Soul”, because there was no local venues to express yourself besides on campus.

Ptah is a 31 year old father to seven year Naomi which literally translates to, my delight. A native of Jersey City but adopted and reared by foster parents since nearly infancy, thus he was reared in Helmetta, New Jersey. Ptah is a singer, songwriter, poet, spoken word artist, actor, community organizer & activist. He started writing songs & poetry when he was 16 years old. Around this time, he also became the pioneer & innovator of the open mic scene of New Brunswick, New Jersey. Surfacing the underground by bringing together all genre of artistry such as spoken word, hip hop, folk, rock/indie, reggae, neo -soul, classical, comedy, etc. His vision as an artist is to create unity between Philadelphia, New York, New Jersey, while incorporating several not for profits aligned with helping at risk youth, re- entry for ex-felons & the prevention of homelessness.

You can find more on his work and activism Facebook as Ptah Ennead Aten.

You can find more a


One thought on “When We Arrived presents: On the Horizon by the poet, Ptah”

  1. being truly spirit lead,
    invokes hate jealousy and envy to those who are unworthy to taste the honey! So true!!

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