When We Arrived presents: A Midnight Sun a poem by Lady Divine

Belly swollen with blessing
Pitter patters of embryonic tap dancers
Translate Morse Codes of amour
No –
Thing could make this moment any more sweet
Until drumbeat of heartbeat
Matches cadence of mother – me

Jolted awake by alarm clock’s beep
Belly empty
Thrice he came to me

A lover’s seed that I’ve yet to conceive
Stepped down from Heaven to inhabit my dreams
Deem me not crazy

Arms –
Swaddled around bundle
Warmth overtaking like steam rising off asphalt
Burnt caramel complexion
Large almond eye bounce back my reflection
As baby suckles life from the thresholds of me
His native tongue speaks
Broken tones of amour – no
Thing could make this moment any more sweet
Until drumbeat of heartbeat
Matches cadence of mother – me
Jolted awake by alarm clock’s beep
Arms empty
Thrice he came to me

A lover’s purse to which I’ve yet to give birth
Stepped down from Heaven to inhabit my Earth
Tell me I’m not insane

Question –

Would you involuntarily
Commit me
For being willing
To forgo life to avoid death?

Tell me –
Tell me I’m not selfish
For well wishes
Of a closed womb, my son

For I know
That my last contraction
Would be the catalyst in the fatal reaction
That would
Mutate your genetic code
To embed “target” into your skin

I fear for you my child
It adorns me like tailored Armani
It ‘suits’ me to be alone
For a house is not a home
When SWAT hides in plain sight
Just waiting for you to feast off of more than the
Tin can of the American pie

They’re just waiting –
Waiting for your mind to transcend past
Hood Chronicles and going from one
To the Friday after next
In hopes of never becoming State Property
Forgive me for boxing with God when it comes to you

I vow
To build your heart with the psalms of David
Wipe your tears with the feathers of Angles wings
To build your backbone with the armor of God in every vertebrae
So you always know that you are not easily broken

The last time I saw you –
Baby locs bouncing as you ran to me
Tell me I was trippin’ when I saw the sadness painted in your pupils when you
Told me you love me



Poetry is like…

Poetry is like…the clay that God created us from. It can be gritty; it can be tough. It’s sometimes stained with tears; it requires a gentle yet firm hand; just like poetry. We are all living, breathing, walking poems. Tell your story well.


When listening to her captivating lyric, and to the boldness, authority, and eloquence in her poetry, one instantly realizes that LadyDivine is an artist equipped with the capacity to turn the page in the book of poetry. A Singer/Songwriter, Spoken Word Artist, Actress, and Entrepreneur, LadyDivine has proven that her gift is authentic, not a gimmick. And, though life has challenged LadyDivine, her gift has allowed her to share the pages of her story and others’ whose voices still remain silent in the storm. With aspirations of writing and performing as a spoken word artist since she was a kid writing every moment she could in her marble composition books, this North Carolina artist has truly set her foot on the right path to accomplishing her dreams.

As a Singer and Poet, LadyDivine flows in several genres of poetry that range from social awareness, to inspiration, to that heart thumping Harlem blues; allowing her to make an impact on a plethora of diverse audiences across the country. Her travels have led her throughout the cities of North Carolina, and recently along the southern east coast to the set of ‘It’s Just Us’ Talk Show in Atlanta, Georgia; hosted by Charlene Bowden. One of LadyDivine’s greatest accomplishments is having had the opportunity to work with renowned casting and creative director, singer, actress Hilda Willis, and through that intensive mentorship experience, grown into the voice that she is today.

LadyDivine is currently working on her sophomore album titled ‘Writing to Exhale’, a peek into the softer side of this multifaceted artist. This project will take listeners on a journey to finding inner strength; one that can be exciting, daring, and even a little sultry at times. The first single is titled “Upendi”, a love poem that sings in harmony with the earthy tones of Africa. LadyDivine is a dynamic artist, whose voice captivates all willing to listen. She has blessed audiences at weddings, birthday parties, youth conferences, and been the feature at several jazz nights alongside some amazing bands.

LadyDivine has shown herself worthy of the status she is achieving; yet, she still maintains a humble spirit.
And, when asked what it is that she strives to achieve with her craft, her answer is the same every time:
“If, in any audience and setting, I’ve managed to touch a single person through the words God has given me, I’ve achieved my goal.”

If you would like to book LadyDivine to speak at you next event, please contact us at http://www.ladydivinenc.com

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