When We Arrived presents: Day Dreamin’ a poem by TJ Nicole

Eyes closed. Mind open.

I download lyrics over instrumentals.

My pen moves without hesitation,

And I don’t mind

being a scribe of my time.

The necessary pieces to this life can be found in between these lines.

Sometimes I rhyme

Sometimes I find myself going on and on

Without reasons

But I am not the gate keeper

or the time keeper

or even the keeper of seasons

I AM a scribe.

So I write the message as I receive them.

As angels come out to play

And sages start to teach

And masters start to speak

My ink flows from the terrain they carved onto the page.

I listen closely and relate the words displayed

Just with my reach

Beneath the veil.


TJ Nicole, an Atlanta native, is a prolific author, visual artist, host, performance poet, and speaker. She is passionate about the arts and loves to capture audiences with her gift of story-telling through both painting and poetry.  TJ Nicole is the author of The Rebirth: A Woman’s Poetry (2012), a collection of poems that celebrates the beautiful spirit and sisterhood of all women. TJ Nicole also released the album, Painted Verses (2013), a true testament of the ever-evolving nature of true art.   She is currently the project manager and director of House of Rhymez TV, a show that spotlights independent artists across all genres.  She is also the creator and facilitator of a poetry writing workshop entitled New Friends and Notebooks which encourages budding as well as seasoned writers to come together for the purpose of making new poems and building their network with like minds. She is known for her authenticity, compassion, and peace-filled demeanor; her words embody TRUTH, LIGHT and  LOVE.


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