When We Arrived presents an interview with poet Teal Moss


What is it about poetry that resonates with you?

Poetry has been a perfect frequency to assist in my growth in life.  It has created rhythms in word by allowing me to breath thru the page.  When U R riding that train of thought and everything comes out on the paper in a multitude of colors, locations, and feelings just to name a few.

How has poetry informed your work as a photographer/musician?

It’s allowed to look at things visually and sonically at various angles…more obtuse than right.

Poetry is like…

A slow dance, in slow motion rain set to a tone and a beautiful heartbeat.


Is a Los Angeles Based Photographer, Musician, Poet, and Writer.  Releasing music under the moniker French Telefone. He has done music for such web series as “The Unwritten Rules”, “Everything I Did Wrong In My 20’s”, and “Headcases”. As a poet has performed at various events around Los Angeles including the great Poetry Lounge. As a Photographer has worked with Quincy Jones, Kim Basinger, to BET and Verses and Flow on TV One. Currently working on a Photography Book and another French Telefone Project.






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