When We Arrived presents: Our Song a poem by Evette the Poet


We are women, at times we’re complicated or misbehavin’ depending on the day or date shall I say. We are amazing in our own way. We step up to the plate and make the impossible, possible. For without us the world wouldn’t populate due to our ovulation chart.

We are women and we are smart, talented, independent and fabulous. We make remarkable things happen, when we’re multi-tasking. We set goals and achieve them, honor our parents and believe them when they say we are winners in their eyes and don’t forget baby girl you’re the prize. Walk with your head held high, and be wise making decisions in life.

We are women and we are brave. To our men don’t be afraid if we’re too strong, we had to be through history when others did us wrong. But if you’re patient you’ll see, our love is deep as deep can be, and we’ll treat you like a king on a throne, standing beside you like the queen we were born to be and trust we’ll show nothing but loyalty to thee.

We are women who wear many hats, we’re mother’s who’ll protect their children no matter what, we’re wives who stands by our husbands side, we’re sisters who will ride or die, we’re cousins, granddaughters, friends to the end and great lovers. We run companies and have our own businesses, and some of us are just everyday women, hustling to try and get ahead, making it all look easy with various styles on our heads, naturally curly, kinky, blow dried or pressed, cut short or dreadlocks, braided, weaved up or the morning hair mess is our crown and glory and yes we are blessed beyond this story, with our stilettos on and a smile on our face, keeping our families happy or our single life in place.

We are women, hear me now, we live out loud and we are proud to be exactly who we were created to be, we are royalty to the Most High. Oh yes, everyone knows we are fly, or else the media wouldn’t glorify the things we’ve had our entire lives. We are women with beautiful thighs, luscious lips and seductive eyes and we’re not all just one size. We thrive on being the women we are, we are women and this is our song.


Where you always aware you were a writer?

I always knew there was a writer inside of me and I had a hidden talent for writing poetry and stories but suppressed it until recent years. I found writing to be therapeutic, it’s a way for me to escape reality and live my own fantasy.

What is it about poetry that resonates with you?

Poetry tells a story in a melodic way that speaks to my soul.

What can poetry teach us about life?

Poetry teaches us that life is not perfect, life is tragic and comedic all rolled up into one or a series of stories.


Evette Fergerson developed a love for the performing arts at an early age when her mother took her to see the musical Duke Ellington’s Sophisticated Ladies with Gregory Hines and Paula Kelly. Not long after seeing the musical her mother enrolled her in dance classes and later she had the opportunity to dance with Lula Washington Dance Theatre in Los Angeles.

Evette attended Grambling State University where she continued with dance and live theatre performances throughout college. She was an on-air radio personality as a freshman, by the time she graduated she had worked professionally as an announcer for three different radio stations.

After graduating, Evette moved back to Los Angeles where she continued working in radio for Personal Achievement Radio, KJLH Radio in the promotion department and Radioscope. She was given the opportunity to work for Quincy Jones’ recording label Qwest Records where she held two positions in the promotion department and media relations. There she realized she had a talent for gaining exposure for artists and entertainers. Evette continued working in publicity with Elektra Entertainment and later for The Courtney Barnes Group. 

Today, she works independently with up and coming artists, she’s developing an activities program for children, she writes her own poetry blog and also writes a segment called Poetry Corner for Natura Magazine.







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