When We Arrived presents: Identity a poem by Sardonyx Jade


Who am I, really?
Am I my amazing, yearlong tan?
Am I my intentionally tangled hair strands?
Am I the socially conscious books I’ve read?
Am I what society says?
My identity extends far beyond my appearance.
I am more than just my complexion.
I am more than my hair texture.
I am more than my ancestry.
I am ethereal.

The flesh means nothing.


Poetry is like…

Poetry is like water; one of the most essential elements without witch life cannot survive. Poetry is like water is its ability to heal broken spirits and cleans toxicity and nourishes the soul. There are countless moments when the words of a poet seem to quench the thirst not listed on the hierarchy of needs.

Some say poetry is  a fad, what are your thoughts around this?

Some say poetry is a fad. Yet poetry has existed for thousands of years. Though the popularity of poetry may wax and wane, like the phases of the moon, over time. Poets and poetry will remain. Whether on the page or on the stage, we will immortalize our stories, our pain, triumphs and truths to encourage future generations to tell their stories, to stop hoping and create change.

Who inspires you to be a better poet?

I’d strangely convinced myself teaching was a form of poetry, considering I perform for my students daily. A fellow poet reminded me, if I am not writing then that is not poetry. One must remain in the process of either: reading, writing or at least thinking about creating. The poetry community inspires me to be a better poet by nudging me to hone my shills and polish my craft. I love how we hold one another accountable and kindly remind each other when it is time to step up and share our voices that have long been silent. Also, to step back, listen and learn. No matter how entertaining I imagine my lesson to be, they are not poetry.


Sardonyx Jade is an author, educator and figure skater. She graduated with her Master of Arts degree from the University of Southern California in the fall of 2011. She has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology. She is the author of Provocative Poetry and Prose: Portraits of Black Love © 2003, which displayed at the Bookexpo America and Los Angeles Black Book Expo in 2005. She is published by Playgirl Magazine, Rolling Out Urban Style Weekly and The Rock eNewsmagazine. She performed at Les Trois Vies, The Love Movement, Green Every Monday and Woodbury University BSU Poetry Lounge. She is currently working on her first novel Last Chance Café and the autobiography of fellow figure skater Keith Newcomb.

Websites: www.sardonyx-jade.com

Kindle Link: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B005I4DR1M

Sardonyx Jade Travel https://sardonyxjadetravel.dreamtrips.com/ ID #63788505

You can find me on all social media as Sardonyx Jade J


8 thoughts on “When We Arrived presents: Identity a poem by Sardonyx Jade”

  1. Beautiful post! Thanks a lot for sharing. Also want to thank you for your visit on my blog and for the “like”. 🙂 Have a wonderful and blessed evening!

      1. Good idea Nikki! 🙂 We will for sure. I love your way of writing, it’s beautiful and also very inspiring so I’ll come back for sure to read more of your great work. For me poetry is also as if the words and me are one and real. I love that. I wish you a wonderful and blessed weekend!

  2. I totally agree with the sentiments expressed here about poetry and poets. Poetry is an art, but it is also a discipline – like all disciplines you have to work at it to become better at the craft. And a community of poets is indispensable – this has been one of my greatest joys and rewards since I started writing poetry (again) – finding a like-minded community.

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