When We Arrived presents: Questions for Educator/Poet Jolivette Anderson-Douoning

How important is the contribution of form, such as rhyme scheme and arrangement?  How does form influence the overall effect of a poem?
Form conveys meaning, intent, mood, tone and thought.  Poets are critical thinkers.  We break things down and we build them up again to convey messages in different ways.  Form is not just important, it is a necessity for communication to take place.
What can poetry teach us about life?
Poetry can teach us, us!  We must know ourselves individually and collectively to better be of service to humanity in a multiplicity of ways.
Poetry teaches us to question, to interrogate the ideas that affect how life can happen.  Poetry is intellectual exercise when written or when being read so it teaches us to exercise our minds and this connects to ideas about democracy.

Jolivette Anderson-Douoning is an Interdisciplinary scholar whose research is grounded in the Humanities and Applied Professions disciplines. 
Also known as Jolivette Anderson ‘the poet warrior’, she is a Race and Culture Educator who uses “Third Space Theory” to develop teaching and learning experiences that facilitate greater understandings of Black cultural existence and experience in the United States.
She is a Phd student and research assistant in American Studies / Curriculum and Instruction at Purdue University. Her current research examines the purpose and relevancy of Black Cultural Centers between 1965 to 1995 and interrogates the future of BCC in a post – Obama United States of America. 
She has four recordings of poetry and prose: Love and Revolution UndergroundAt the End of a Rope in MississippiJolivette Live: A Bluesy Funk Life Cycle, and She Energy.
For bookings and additional information thepoetwarrior@icloud.com or DrJolly2015@gmail.com

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