When We Arrived presents: Lego Hulk a poem by Rob Sturma



Lego Hulk Teaches Me About Life On The Last Day of 2014

  1. There are things that only Lego Hulk can do.   Look for the green handles and you will smash effectively.   Press X and down goes the wall, away goes the fuel tanker.
  2. There are things that only Bruce Banner can do.   Sometimes you will encounter a raft that seats one.   Hold the Y button. Get un-angry. Get on board.
  3. Everything looks impossible, but really, everything is just made of bricks. Bricks can be smashed.
  4. Press A, press A, press A, move forward.
  5. It is not a contradiction to be adorable and dangerous at the same time.
  6. You don’t always have to take the lead. That’s why Lego Iron Man is there, and Lego Spidey, and Lego Wolverine. Bring them Lego coffee. Wait for your turn. Then press A, press A, press A, all you want.
  7. You are a bundle of brick and fierce.   You didn’t wake up like this, but you are still flawless.
  8. The bricks will come. Keep on smashing.
  9. You don’t have to smash everything all at once. Press pause.   Have lunch. Stark Tower will still be there. The Baxter Building will still be there. All of New York will freeze in place and when you return, press A like you’ve never pressed A before.
  10. Somewhere in Oklahoma, a man-child will wait impatiently for you to download. You don’t even know how much he has been waiting to meet you. The world seems safer in the trail of your irradiated purpose.   Thank you for your irreverence. For your lumpy green physique. Your Lego sense of humor will wash over this man like catharsis.
  11. There are things that only Lego Hulk can do. You are so necessary.


ROB STURMA is the editor-in-chief of FreezeRay, an online journal dedicated to the poetry of pop culture, and FreezeRay Press, its print offshoot. He has edited MultiVerse (a superhero poem anthology) and Aim For The Head (a zombie-themed poetry anthology) on Write Bloody Publishing , and is also the creator and curator of the poetry-meets-wrestling show Extreme Championship Poetry (last seen at the 2014 Individual World Poetry Slam). He was delighted when his poems about Mick Foley and Paul Heyman were retweeted by the icons themselves. His work can be seen online currently at Drunk In A Midnight Choir, The Legendary, The Nervous Breakdown, Borderline, Ghost House Review, and on XBox Live. He lives in Oklahoma City, OK, where he co-hosts the Red Dirt Wayward Poets open mic and dreams of making dope books.

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