When We Arrived presents: A God Spell a poem by Spencer Allen

I may be labeled just a poet
But, I do not write just poems or prose
These words write scriptures
Tried / Tested and proven to be truth
Facts written in the form of a conceptual
So… as to tap into your right cerebral
Cortex…. Creative memorization
In hopes that you / yourself can transfer the stories
Connect with the similarities
We are all of one… And one in all

I may be labeled just a poet
But, I write from a trinity that consist
Of math / science and spirituality
Through that portal, “My eyes have seen the glory”
Have watched as the gates opened up
I live of what’s within all of us
Have experienced… Experiences that are undeniable
Yes… In the past…
I have lied and been lied to
I have cheated and been cheated on
I have robbed and been stolen from
I have used women and have been used as a man
I have been loved and I have been in love also
I have made hell of money, while being spiritually broke
I have at times ran with the pack to now walking alone
I’ve crawled through the darkness
Only to walk out into the light
Brought out the God from within me
No need to believe in someone outside of me

I may be labeled just a poet
But, all that I conceive / want / speak / achieve
Aspire / dislike / put off or take on / struggle with
Or balance with ease / succeed
All… Everything resides within me
You see… Within the equation of space and time
I do not mind
Being labeled just a poet
Because I know every day I am walking closer
Towards becoming more and more
Like the God from within
A God/Man!


What is it about poetry that resonates with you?

Poetry encompasses every aspect of life. Think about it, no matter if you are writing or reciting about individualism, family, community, culture, politics, the birds and the bees, religion, spirituality, wars, peace, suffering, money, sex, hate, and most importantly love not only does poetry encompass all it somehow allows or forces the writing to give it in its bare naked truth. Poetry somehow or someway puts in us, no matter how shackled we may be or feel, it puts in us a moment when we can feel total freedom to tell our truth. Also, in that moment of freedom and clarity, if we are really listening to what we are expressing it will give us a solution. The trick or crux then become are we ready to put in the work to achieve that solution or will we close our eyes and pretend that we did not just give witness to our own solution. I apologize if it seemed like I veered from the initial question, but it is all connected.

What are some of the positives about open mics?
Open mics have the ability to build confidence, courage, and voice to someone who may have never thought those traits existed in them. Open mics as a positive can make a person want to seek more, more knowledge, more understanding, more love. As a resounding positive, there is no better feeling than being at an open mic and listening to a new voice speak and what they are saying moves you to want to pull out a pen/pencil and notepad and start writing because they went deep and tapped into your core and steered something up inside you.

What is the responsibility of a poet to literature?
As a poet I firmly believe it is our responsibility to record/write history, individual history, cultural history, world history. For no matter how many movies one do or cd an artist may produce once they are put on the shelf they have just been buried. But, a book or whether the words on the page in a book, no matter how much dust that it may collect, how many pages may become ripped, or the cover being stained the book will always be taken back out and read. I remember when my mentor, Sir Preston Webster said to me early on when cd’s were becoming popular to do, Sir Preston told me flat out, “NO. You do a book first, books mean that you want people to learn and you want to be remembered for something positive. A cd means that you want money and the money will come in time, be remembered first.” Not long after that I put out my first chat book, then another one before I ever produced my first cd. I now have three independently published books of poetry and two produced cd’s.


Spencer Allen is the quintessential modern day renaissance, man, poet, lecturer and author, that has built his legacy as a performance artist / producer who displays a unique ability to blend confidence and vulnerability into one giant melting pot. Spencer has gained an uncanny knowledge for tapping into and understanding the soul of a person, helping them to excel in life and in one’s relationships by stripping away layers of ego and pride with his lecture “13 Taboos of My Relationship” and his creative writing/poetry workshop “Know thy Self.”

He has also produced several poetry showcases along with two(2) cd’s; “Magnificence Live” and his latest; “Lovin’ Words that Touch the Soul.” While publishing several volumes of poetry, most recent being; “Odyssey of My Alchemy.” Spencer is currently pulling triple duty, working full time, full time student that is due to graduate winter of this year and if he stays on course with a GPA of 3.91 he hopes to graduate Magna Cum Laude. He is also in the midst of a course to obtain his Life Coaching Certification. And he is the host and co-producer of a monthly venue titled; “Release Wednesdays.” Spencer has been able to introduce his brand of poetry to a wide audience from, children to adults. His Motto: “Opportunity does not come, gift wrapped it comes in a storm. All you have to do is see through it.”

Contact Info: email: iblife2000@yahoo.com. http://www.facebook.com/spencerallen.


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