The Rage In Me a poem by Jolivette Anderson-Douoning

the sound of metal expanding
water approaching 212 degrees
the first rumble of the interstate
when dawn breaks
the levels of the sea
the rage in me
the cracking of a window pane
the pain crack causes a brain
the deafening sound of a page turning
signaling a new chapter’s beginning
the scream of orange turning to red
a fist to the side of a head
the anguish of what you thought you knew
turning into what you can’t believe
deep levels of greed
the rage in me
a poem, a song
with all the wrong words
words unknown are thoughts unheard
chances missed climbing a crystal stair
that was never there
two tears kissing at the bottom of my chin
pure emotions wanting to be free
the rage in me
emptiness, crossing over to the barrel of a gun
hitch a ride on a bullet
to take life as it comes
a dance, a twirl, a shake, a moan
the rage in me
is looking
for a home
the safest haven?
this poem
this poem
this poem
(c) 5/27/2003
Jolivette Anderson-Douoning is an Interdisciplinary scholar whose research is grounded in the Humanities and Applied Professions disciplines. 
Also known as Jolivette Anderson ‘the poet warrior’, she is a Race and Culture Educator who uses “Third Space Theory” to develop teaching and learning experiences that facilitate greater understandings of Black cultural existence and experience in the United States.
She is a Phd student and research assistant in American Studies / Curriculum and Instruction at Purdue University. Her current research examines the purpose and relevancy of Black Cultural Centers between 1965 to 1995 and interrogates the future of BCC in a post – Obama United States of America. 
She has four recordings of poetry and prose: Love and Revolution UndergroundAt the End of a Rope in MississippiJolivette Live: A Bluesy Funk Life Cycle, and She Energy.
For bookings and additional information or 

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