I’ll Take More Love & Sun Fire by JH Poetry

I’ll Take More Love

Take care of love. Cuddle with it. Coo its lullaby.
Trace it in the sky among the tender blue clouds.
Be love. Give it as a treasure; the antique made of gold.
Be brave as the knight and princess you speak of.
Bury it within your soul so it will be available 24/7.
And the portrait you portray will be more beautiful
than ever when shown with love. Whisper it to your spouse
causing intimacy to prosper as a crimson rose.
Love makes us better people.
Love makes the world exist longer. It is free, yet so worthy.
And what puts it at the top is that it grows non- stop.
Make it desirable as chocolate sweets.
Dream its dream and live it fully. Do it for you. Do it for me.
But, most importantly do it for thee.
Set the example in the light of the sun.
Always remember God is love.

Sun Fire

This is home: to walk into a thousand suns.
I am content. When the city smog a gloom into the sky
in you a find a thousand moons.
Day by night may I fly with wings in your silence.
As we travel the universe in every sweet breath.
This is home: a cool lust to swim. I shall be a swan.
For you are the tranquil waters of earth’s end.
Awake me in your eyes; the footprints of roses I shall sit upon.
Then joy shall be mine.
This is home: to slumber on a hill and smell the traces of your scent.
The minute I saw you then time stood on top of the world.
Do shake me until I shiver.
Bring me back to life.
And clay this smile upon my gaze.
Home is here. I walk into a thousand suns.

jhp ©2014


What is it about poetry that resonates with you?

Poetry is my inner voice that I free during our intimate moments. It gives me the opportunity to convey my feelings and express emotions I might otherwise keep bottled within me. I also love to create and entertain with my muse. Nothing else brings out more joy and passion than the gift of writing poetry.

Some say poetry is a fad, what are your thoughts around this?

Well, these people must be ludacris (haha) Poetry goes back from biblical times like the Song of Solomon. No one can deny this beautiful poetry. Also does the Dead Poet Society ring a bell? Great poets such as: Langston Hughes, Pablo Neruda, Edgar Allen Poe, and the recently departed Maya Angelou. Their work will go on and on. Poetry is a form of art and a way of life. It is all around us from our quiet breaths at night until the orange sunshine in the morning. Even the younger generation incorporates poetry into rap music as did the late Tupac Shakur who was considered a poet. Poetry is here to stay.

Writers read, what are you currently reading?

As for myself I read romantic novels, famous poetry pieces, magazines as well as blogs. I’m currently reading a free book I got from the public library by Carl Weber titled “ Something On The Side”. And I just finished a book of poems by Bell Hooks titled “When Angels Speak of Love.” I truly enjoy her love poetry. There are so many reads on the list. If only I had time to read them all than I would.

Ms. Jessica Hughes better known as Jhpoetry in the cyber world has been writing for more than ten years. She was born and raised in the upper parts of South Carolina. As the only child to a single parent she became creative early in life. And this imaginative seed grew well into her adulthood where she fell in love with her muse. During this time span, Jessica has used the tool of poetry to express her voice. And in doing so she has been widely noted as a diverse poetess. However, Ms. Jessica’s new collection of poems “BLUE MAGIC “ ~ A Prelude To Love~ is a scope into the rebirth of her most intimate works. Her book is currently available @ Createspace.com, Amazon kindle, and Lulu.com .

To read more about Jessica visit: http://www.lipsofmind.blogspot.com




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