Soulmates by Yawo Watts

I think tonight we should sit with the
think about this love we share so
I’ve been
living and loving is
my sunshine awakens
connects me with my real true
ignite my nights and dazzle my
rewrite destiny in just one
love maybe the only power worth
makes every hour
I’m living worth every hour
to love
someone’s been smiling down on
waiting patiently as we realized we’ve gone beyond
fate is discovering what’s best for
if you ask me I’ll tell you I meet my fate when we became open actively
in love
two kindreds from the same
twin spirits who share the same


When did you know you were a poet?

I first knew I was a Poet from my best friend in High school.  I use to write raps all the time, and she would challenge me to write something nice. That’s when I wrote my first poem.  It was titled “Beautiful.” I wish I still had it.  It explored beautiful as a feeling.  I was so amazed at he reaction she thought it was simply, Beautiful.

How important is accessibility of meaning for a poem?

I think that it is extremely important as a Poet for the audience to receive the message in which we are conveying. Poetry is the language of the emotions. It is our job as artist to articulate these thoughts, feelings, moods and experiences with exceptional skill and care. Speak to the people in the language they can understand.  Most importantly is to be universal.   At any time any where a true poet can capture entertain and educate at a moments notice in a short amount of time.

 30 years from now, how do you want somebody to describe your body of work as a poet?

Thirty years from now I want someone to describe my body of work as a poet to be Phenomenal.  I want someone to describe it as true to life.  Appreciate my style of writing see the love and beauty in each stanza.  They will say I am a gifted In Verse with morals and fables together to deal with life love and happiness.  That someone will fall in love with me through Poetry.

Yawo Jandwa Watts is a Poet and Social Service Worker in Los Angeles, Ca.  He is a creative Artisan, with a strong desire to serve the world with creativity and kindness. 

Yawo has been a writer since he was in high school. He writes short stories, songs, poetry, and blogs. He is also a Djembe Drummer, and Promoter. In July of 2011 Yawo made a lifelong passion come true by self publishing, “Lemongrass”-True Emotions Of You and I in Verse. Lemongrass is Yawo’s first volume of poetry. It showcases a collection of poetry that has been written over the last 15 years, which has been inspired through life’s love, loss, and lessons. Yawo has taken many workshops but studying Poetry  at The World Stage Performance Art Gallery In Liemert Park Village has been a beautiful blessing.

Yawo created The “Oralgasm” a night of poetry and music with love and romance as the theme.  The Oralgasm is recognized as “an ideal showcase for anyone who wants to feel good. It offers a sensual something for everyone, and is truly a sexy and sophisticated showcase. As usual, Mr. Watts pleases all of my 5 senses”. Over the years of performances Throughout Southern California, Yawo earned the Moniker  of “The Marvin Gaye Of Poetry” by his peers- Meaning his style of poet delivery is akin to the Soul Crooner’s Music.  He Is currently working on his second volume of poetry.  He is excited and inspired to start connecting with you through social media. Please reach out to him at  yawowatts(at)gmail(dot)com.  

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