The Bhubezi Women – The Women Who Hold Up the World by Cheryl Penn

hatshepshutneedle Hatshepsut’s Needle

It’s really quite difficult to tell how/when/why the Revealing of the Bhubezi Women unfolded.  It’s equally problematic to tell how many there are, or their particular function in Holding up the World.  One fact is evidenced – they are all REAL historical figures, most of which have been misunderstood by history.  Bhubezi Women identified thus far: Magenta, Sienna (better known as Shahrazad), Mona Lisa, Hypatia, Hatshepsut, Empress  Zhangsun, Pandora and Cynisca.  In the secret Sof Omar caves, an intriguing stele was found with the following inscription:The Ones That Protect From:  The Conscious Life, External words, Pure Pain, False Dreams, Ones to travel to the deepest reaches of the psyche, A barrier on their behalf to the outside world, A Thousand Deaths, An Unfulfilled Life, Enantiodromia,  The Incorporeal Body, The destructive animus, Lost Instinct.

**THE INFORMATION that Ms. Penn shared with us on this blog is imperative to Women’s Herstory around the globe.  Her research is extensive.  Please continue reading about the “The Women Who Hold Up the World” at**

Cheryl Penn is a conceptual artist whose main form of visual expression is the artist’s book.  Her exxhibition at the KZNSA Gallery last year was an installation of books called An Encyclopedia of Everything and Other Matters. See: is also a contract lecturer at Durban University of Technology where she teaches art history and painting.


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