what a Shero knows by Proverbs

for many of us, there is a desire to be unhappy. we welcome toxic relationships, hoping to one day “fix” them. we accept the invitations to unhealthy discussions, hoping they’ll “see” things our way. we fall to the bottom of our list of priorities as if, somehow, taking care of everything and everyone else first will complete us.

WRONG, Sista! there is no such thing as a self-sacrificing Shero. you don’t have to be a martyr to be a marker.

a Shero knows when it’s time to say, “I’d love to, but I can’t.” affirms herself when those twangs of guilt (after saying, “no”) begin to twinge. goes on a date night instead of heading to a Scandal watch party (and I’m, a Gladiator, so don’t trip!).

a Heroine owns her story and faces it, head on, when she’s ready to do so. hopefully, there are others around her nudging her to move forward in her journey toward healing, and wholeness. prayer, meditation, therapy, diet, exercise, crying, and laughing all make for a potent potion of restoration.

a Woman knows she doesn’t walk alone; but, rather, she stands on the shoulders of giants. receiving boldness from Harriet Tubman and Fannie Lou Hamer. accepting inspiration from Ella Fitzgerald and Josephine Baker. attaining wisdom from Zora Neal Hurston and Maya Angelou.

making your needs and desires more healthy is not selfish, it’s more self-actualizing. feed your appetite for the Divine, the Truth, and Love. laughter and hope won’t be far behind.


Proverbs, a New York City native, is a minister, activist, educator, and performance poet; she is also an Emmy-award-winning media producer. Proverbs is the Grand Champion of the 2011 McDonald’s McCafe Poetry Slam (Bronx, NY). Additionally, she was a proud (and the only female!) member of the 2011 and 2012 CT State Poetry Team, Verbal Slap, and competed at the National Poetry Slam in Boston and Cambridge, MA.

She has been featured on radio and at events around the country, including P4CM’s Lyricist Lounge 3 (Los Angeles, CA), Mouth Off (Oakland, CA), the We Got Next Movement (Boston, MA), Jus Words (Philadelphia, PA), and Java Monkey (Decatur, GA). She has been fortunate enough to share the stage with recording artist, Ryan Leslie and spoken word luminaries such as Taalam Acey, Lamar Hill, Jamaal St. John, and many others.

Proverbs is a graduate of Seton Hall University, Yale Divinity School, and Columbia Theological Seminary. She currently resides in Atlanta, GA, where she is committed to raising awareness of and mobilizing communities to end child sexual abuse. You can follow her on social media: @ProverbsthePoet.

6 thoughts on “what a Shero knows by Proverbs”

    1. “There’s no such thing as a self-sacrificing Shero.” I LOVE THAT QUOTE IN THIS BLOG! I’m with you! Please follow Proverb to support more of her work.

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