Out with the Body Hate, It is Time for Body Love by Arletta Saafir

Each of us women can recall the time in our life when we went from being blissfully content with our body and unaware that there was something wrong with its shape, size or weight to coming into the awareness that our body didn’t measure up to the then “ideal body” type and that we were in fact ‘fat’ and impossibly flawed.

For me it was at the onset of puberty and I was gifted with these fabulous legs, thick thighs and stretch marks. After putting on like 20 pounds and 4 inches in a growth spurt I was told to make sure that I didn’’t “get fat” and that “I better watch what I eat”. My thighs were just so damn big, or so I was told and thus began my obsession with them. My stretch marks I also was informed were ‘gross’ and I started harboring shame and disgust of them. Eating became torture because I had allowed myself to accept what I had been told by loved ones was true and had been convinced that I was one forkful away from being over weight and that is how my body hating began.

In my late teens I discovered that my 36B breast size fell in the ‘too small’ category and I became self conscious about my breast. And in my first year at college some random male acquaintance poked me in the stomach and commented about me needing to do some crunches and I chose to believe him and thus began my waist hatred. Around that same time I also came across an article that educated me about cellulite, that up to that point I was not even aware of its existence, let alone it being yet another thing I should detest about my body.

Notice any common themes here? I had to be taught and to accept that as true that my body was ugly . Although I mentioned no names it was loved ones and in most cases women who introduced me to body hatred and in each of those scenarios I choose to give up my power and take on a negative belief about myself and making this my truth. And of course it was no accident that all of the areas I directed my body hatred towards were my body parts that were the distinctly feminine portions of my anatomy.

As a woman I had to grow to realize how crucial it is that we women are aware of the extent of our negative programming and female hating socialization where we are taught to detest our bodies and only find flaws with our gorgeousness. When stepping away from my body shaming and body hating paradigm as I began to heal, it became apparent that this dislike of a ‘real’ woman’s form was really pathological and insane. And it is even more upsetting as I grew to see that the way we females relate to our bodies through this self-hating lens although it appears normal isn’t normal at all we have just allowed ourselves to be duped into thinking so.

I decided that it was time to end the body hating completely and hence the concept of the ArlettaUNLEASHED 30 Day BODY LOVE Challenge was born.  I wanted to go through this process as a collective with my fellow Queen Goddesses, most of whom by default have some version of their own personal body hate, to share the love and share the healing.   And I would love for all of us women to liberate ourselves from this private personal hell that body hating is. So I am inviting all of you to join us in the ArlettaUNLEASHED 30 Day BODY LOVE Challenge and decide to release your body hatred, stop feeding into the body shame programming we are inundated with and make sure our daughters and granddaughters grow up to be fully realized women valuing and loving themselves as they are. Out with Body Hating it is Time For Body Love.


ArlettaUNLEASHED aka Arletta Saafir is the Sensual Unleashedment Expert and Intuitive Love Specialist dedicated to Igniting Sexy, Powerful, Feminine and setting the World Ablaze, Bringing Masculine and Feminine into Balance. Her ArlettaUNLEASHED 30 Day BODY LOVE CHALLENGE can be participated in through her ArlettaUNLEASHED Blog http://www.ArlettaUNLEASHED.tumblr.com , her Facebook Fan Page http://www.facebook.com/ArlettaUNLEASHED.Fans , Her Twitter page @arlettaunleash, Her Instagram @arlettaunleashed, and her website for her women’s empowerment company THE UNLEASHEDMENT COMPANY is http://www.sexypowerfulfeminine.com and ArlettaUNLEASHED Official website is http://www.arlettaunleashedonline.com . She is releasing her first Anthology that she is coeditor of Walking in the Feminine: A Stepping into Her Shoes Anthology in May and you can get more information on that at http://www.walkinginthefeminineanthology.com


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