The Little Things by B. Berry

We’ve always been strong and men throughout the world have feared our power for centuries. In some countries, they’ve forbidden us the right to education or the right to be seen by others. Other countries even go so far at to slice off our clitorises in an effort to keep us from feeling what they feel during sex, thinking it will keep us from wandering. Even in our own United States of America we can see distinct differences in the way many men and women view one another.

While we love the opportunities women’s lib has offered us, we still desire the right to be natural women without appearing weak. Just the word “feminine” has become equated with being weak or smaller. We don’t want to be men; we only want the same rights as human beings. It seems there are too many men thinking, since we have equal rights and can take care of ourselves, we shouldn’t want or need them to continue to be the gentlemen they were once raised to be. We should be able to handle it all…and we can, but having a man that cares about how heavy the grocery bags are or how strenuous moving the furniture can be for a woman is extremely sexy. The attention to what is considered “the little things” is a great big deal!

Many men have given up on “being there” for women in that special way that defines us as females. The natural differences between the two have taken a turn that has put strains on even the strongest relationships. Oh, by no means am I bashing men! I love men! But the tables have turned and it’s all because people are not acknowledging the natural differences between men and women. Yes, we’re strong, and yes, we can do it all, but the natural, emotional feelings need to be tended to. We need to feel protected…although we can protect ourselves. We need to hear kind words even though we know we are beautiful and sexy. It’s sort of like us cooking a delicious meal after our day at work and serving our men their plates, even though we know they can cook. We are merely catering to those feelings that make up our men…those feelings that make a man feel in charge. Shh! Many of us even stand by and watch our men fix things like the dripping faucet (even though we can do it ourselves) in an effort to make him feel needed. It’s a small thing that has a big impact.

Noticing the natural differences between men and women is important in taking care of each other. Both men and women will do better and feel better if we take the time to understand the other gender. We are not alike, men and women. We are all human beings, but the distinct natural differences between men and women have been clumped together in a way that we now cannot see where one ends and the other begins.


Barbara Grovner is an author and loves writing cozy murder mysteries. She writes under the name B. Berry and her books can be found anywhere books are sold. She is the author of Cold Crazy, Cold Serial and Clothesline Blues.

Although B. Berry prefers to write murder mysteries, her first book, Even Numbers by Barbara Grovner is a story of a young girl who was molested by her stepfather and then ultimately raised by him. She would like to keep the subject of child molestation and child rape in the forefront of our minds.

Berry lives in Florida where she continues to write cozy murder mysteries. She enjoys family, reading and relaxing walks on the beach.

She’d love to hear from readers and can be reached by email at

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