Time to Rewrite the Shame and Stigma of… by M/R Johnson


Hello my name is M/R Johnson.  I am a survivor of Co-Occurring Disorders of depression and addiction.  Now before you begin to judge me let me tell you my story.

Are you aware that there are approximately 8.9 million adults who have Co-Occurring Disorders? Only 7.4 percent of individuals receive treatment for both conditions, while 55.8 percent receive no treatment at all.

I was one of the 55.8 percent who did not received help,  all because of the shame and stigma that has feared the communities of the African American people and has keep them in bondage…Or should I say slavery.

Co-occurring Disorders has no color line, or race, creed or gender. Co-Occurring Disorders  is the un-addressed epidemic that is trying to kill the makeup of our families  values and traditions in our society. So let’s talk…What is the true definition for the words shame and stigma?

From the Dictionary.com website it states,

Stigma means…A mark of disgrace or infamy; a stain or reproach, as on one’s reputation.

Shame means…The painful feeling arising from the consciousness of something dishonorable, improper,  ridiculous, etc., done by oneself or another.

As someone who understands the power of  words,  and  one who  was brought up by my parents to  be careful of your opinions of others,  for we all have some skeletons in the closet. I am just one person who through FAITH is not ashamed to open and tell you mine.

Did you know most stories shared by those who want help with Co-Occurring Disorders  that they  run deep such as; feelings of lost hope, guilt, trauma, low self-esteem and self-worth,  all mixed together with the shame and stigma that keeps many enslaved from reaching out for help…better known as pride?:

So what must a caterpillar endure to become a butterfly? The caterpillar’s destiny is to survive for the renewing, preparation, and transformation through the metamorphosis stages by reaching the safety of the cocoon. The purpose of the process is to receive a reward for the struggle by becoming the beautiful new butterfly creature God intended it to be. My story completely

Once I learned to accept the root causes to my addictive, mental and suicidal behavior the transformation process began and I found my purpose.

In finding my purpose, I can say I am a survivor who is grateful to share the message that there is HOPE and one can SURVIVE any Disorder. See, I am that beautiful new butterfly creature. Why you may ask…All because the Savior God of Grace, Mercy and Love was always encouraging me to DON’T GIVE UP!


Born and raised in the Nation’s Capitol Washington, DC she is  the  author  of  Mary/Pumpkin’s Memoirs of An Addict: Fact or Fiction the extraordinary book and workbook of HOPE and SURVIVAL from addiction, mental health {Co-Occurring Disorders} and suicide.

Inspired by her story as someone living with co-occurring disorders, M/R Johnson offers insight from a dynamic perspective, drawing from her personal lived experiences, clinical education and professional work background, who feels compelled and empowered to be an advocate of change by  promoting HOPE that recovery is a PROCESS and it is POSSIBLE. 

A graduate from the Washington, DC Department of Behavioral Health’s Co-Occurring Clinical Competency Course, and the Office of Consumer and Family Affairs Certified Peer Specialist Certification Program, she has become a leader among her peers by sharing  her challenges and experiences within the recovery of mental health and addiction’s  communities  through motivational speaking and interactive workshop presentations.

She is the creator of several social networking groups that she facilitates on LinkedIn, {A.T.T.} Addiction the Truth,   and Certified Peer Specialists {United} on Facebook where members can engage or start therapeutic discussion of interest by  demonstrating  leadership and share  education to unite in knowledge.

M/R  Johnson believes her time has come, and that no matter what challenges a person encounters in this road to life, “All things are possible with FAITH in God!” 


2 thoughts on “Time to Rewrite the Shame and Stigma of… by M/R Johnson”

  1. Amesh, Mesha, Meash, Sahem: could these be women’s names? Shame and women in general are closely related, by definition of being a woman, I think. The medical conditions we have adds to the burden.

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