Reasons by Duania Hall

As a woman I understand the need for reasons. Some days I lie awake in search of a reason to get out of bed and then I hear the rising laughter of my children who bring clarity to purpose. Some moments I have a starring match with my exercise mat searching for reasons why I should use it even though I am tired from the mere thought of doing another squat or crunch. Some minutes I sit at my computer desk trying to reason the reason why I spend countless hours and lose precious sleep as my school work is awaiting my participation. See, I crossed the river of 30 some time ago and juggling more responsibilities creates moments of feeling like I am wearing a cape, and others where I feel the weight of depression falling short of someone to lift it. I am often moved to believe that I am trying to gain too much and as I sense my hour glass turning over, I am reminded of OUR history…Women in history….Black women in history like Dr. Eliza Ann Grier.

eliza grier

Dr. Grier was an emancipated slave who sought to become someone that could help her people. She chose education as the method by which she would achieve this. Dr. Grier lived in a time where racism was volcanic comparative to current times and she also lacked the financial means to fulfill her part in the dreams she had for others; yet she did not let it create cessation of her journey. Dr. Grier went to medical school. She paid for her tuition by alternating school years with working in the cotton fields. After seven years of this routine, Dr. Eliza Ann Grier became the first Black woman licensed to practice medicine in the state of Georgia.

Although she only practiced medicine professionally for a few years before death came for her, Dr. Grier left behind a legacy of hope for other Black women. She understood that what you do goes beyond you. Her achievement literally changed the face of the medical profession. She didn’t get to practice long but she “set it off”! She sounded the alarm that put everyone on notice that the future would behold Black doctors and Women who were doctors! So, when I wake up tomorrow I will use the sunlight as a charger that will fill me with the juice freshly squeezed from the sacrifices of great women of the past. Giving my exercise mat a reason to ask for a break and diligently exceling in my academics, as I determine to delve into the depths of defeating the definitive struggle of self-doubt. I will move forward knowing that what I am trying to gain is not too much, but necessary.

duania hall

Duania is a captivating poet, motivational speaker, and advocate against domestic violence. She has featured at various poetry venues in Los Angeles, CA and formerly hosted the soulful poetry spot in Inglewood, CA, Speak Out Loud. Her expression of real life situations is a mixture of street clamor and soulful anthems that once heard, will leave you with nothing sort of an unforgettable experience. To post comments about this blog or to chat with Duania go to

3 thoughts on “Reasons by Duania Hall”

  1. This reminds of Sojourney Truth. Also a slave that took to spreading the gospel. I read ‘The Narrative of Sojourney Truth’ recently and the fact of her spirit remaining undefeated in a life of hell as a slave is equally inspiring. Also when I cast for reasons to get out o bed, it’s her I think about and, humbled, get up.

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