Keep Yo Motha Freakin’ Chakras Open by Ebony Janice

I started masturbating when I was four years old. Well… let me start by saying, I was inappropriately touched at four years old. Then this inappropriate thing was awakened in my small child body and I was a pro at touching myself before 1st grade. I struggled with pornography from preteen years through my adult years and was very sexually active in my early 20‘s. I would later be diagnosed with Poly-Cystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) in my mid-20’s and suffer with irregular hemorrhaging well into my late 20’s.

I shared all of this with an ex once and he started talking to me about balancing my chakras. The first thing I thought about was electricity in the body and how we use to rub our hands together really fast and touch each other to send a tiny electrical zap into the body of our playmates. However I never thought about how that electricity impacted the whole self.

I started researching chakras and the more I read the more I realized that if I was going to be physically healed from my PCOS, I needed to do some serious “soul” healing, as chakras deal with the vibrational energy of the soul.

We are a three part being. Body (physical), Spirit (relates to God) and Soul (emotions, thoughts, dreams, memory, self consciousness). The Soul is the most neglected part of man. We are taught to “get over” stuff (suppress emotions). We are told to “be realistic” (the dreamer must die). And we are always receiving messages to “be like everyone else” (self awareness is very shunned). I realized that this traumatic thing that happened to me when I was four years old had never been properly dealt with and had manifested itself in my body as emotional, spiritual and physical illness because I never channeled the energy of that wrong thing. Do you understand what I’m saying? My “story” literally manifested itself into illness.

I had radically healed myself through diet and yoga a few years earlier. But the more I thought about the soul stuff, the more I wondered if it were possible that healing the energy centers in my body, which were clearly out of balance due to suppressed memory, stress from brokenness and spiritual ties, and the icky emotional residue from previous lovers that desperately needed to be broken, might be the thing that still needed to happen in order for me to be completely healed. I needed my soul to be whole so that I could release all the unhealthy energy I had been vibrating, and as a result of those vibrations, everything that had been manifesting internally and externally for years.

Essentially what I mean when I say “keep yo mutha freakin chakras open” is: Be intentionally healed in the balancing, freedom, stillness and peace of internal wholeness. This is a necessary work. Get free.


EbonyJanice is the Author of several books including, “The Black Girl Curriculum: 10 Things Every Black Girl Should Know,” “Five Miles to Jesus: The Radical Worship that Saved My Life,” and most recently, “The End of Thirstiness: Lessons on Rejecting Desperation, Being Whole, Free, Single and Satisfied.” She is also an Artist, a Transformational Speaker, an Author Advocate and a Life and Wellness Coach. She would love to coach you through your current station in life into excellence, and share more with you on strategy building for holistic living and chakra balancing. Email for booking information or to schedule a coaching consultation.

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One thought on “Keep Yo Motha Freakin’ Chakras Open by Ebony Janice”

  1. Hi Eboni, I had a very powerful chakra experience about 13 years ago. I know this will sound very strange or ‘out there’, but I’ve had these experiences all of my life, and continue to have them, but I found myself (and this wasn’t a dream, an out of body experience), I found myself in the tunnel with the white light at the end of it, with my Grandmother who, at the time had alzheimer’s, and I’m guessing she felt comfortable with my spirit going over with her to prepare her for when it was her time to cross over…Anyways, when I came to, for a very long split second, the top of my head felt like there was a huge beam inside of my head that emanated a vibrational hum that resonated throughout my body, but mostly in my head, where the sound came from within, going out of my ears. Before that experience, I hadn’t really given much thought to chakras, but now I see how powerful they are and how they can connect you to the source, God, higher spiritual planes, and for relaxation….

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