Imagine Yourself Here…

For the first time this year I created a vision board.  I have known of them for years and have several friends who have used them in the past but I always thought having it in my head was good enough.  And it is good enough, but I must say looking at those words and images on a daily basis has changed my tone and purpose of my intentions.



(not my board)

For those that do not know what a vision board is, you collect quotes and images and post them on a board for daily visualization.  This board is like a reminder of what you aspire or have set goals for a particular time.  The belief in the law of attraction lends itself to a vision board by bringing clarity to all those general desires and goals we express.  The board can be used to reinforce affirmations and keep your attention on your intentions.  I don’t know about you, but I am a professional at taking on someone else’s problems and projects as my own and making them a priority! Vision boards can be included in your prayers or meditations.

I made my vision board the beginning of the year and I use it pre and post meditations.  We are like 35+ days into the year and what came to me during meditation was everything on my board I already have the tools in me to achieve them.  I have to make the connections to bring them in to existence.  Now, this is something (if you’re in to spirituality) you have read about  in your books.  But with all the things I have written on my board, I felt so empowered and equipped to receive that I can have them.  EVERYTHING that I placed on my board!

There are actual groups that get together and create boards and support one another during future gatherings.  I know you’ve heard of the power of visualization… TRY IT!

visionboard3visionboard1   (neither one of these are my boards. examples for you to create your own)

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