Political Focus in college SGA and BSU



Allow me to introduce Lesley McSpadden and Michael Brown Sr., the parents of the unarmed young man gunned down in Ferguson, Mo. in August, Michael Brown Jr. aka Mike Brown.

The images from this tragic incident have quite powerfully paralleled to that of images from the civil rights movement.  Images from all over the world that prompted political attention and involvement from communities in Mexico to parts of China.  In my opinion, some of the most significant photographs came from colleges and universities that participated in the “Don’t Shoot”

rallies and demonstrations across the country.  After all, the children are the future right?  Being that the climate in Ferguson is still quite tense, it made me wonder what the political climate  was on the campuses of colleges and universities.  As parents, we want our children to be conscious and critical thinkers.  We also want them to know the power of political influence and how their involvement whether it be gender based or racially motivated is crucial in the forward movement of our communities and this country.

Parents, did the institution you are paying tuition to address the Mike Brown incident?  Students, were you active in the SGA or BSU rallies for Mike Brown?  Why?

Because we are counting on you.  The future is in your hands.

clarkatlantadon'tshoot Clark Atlanta


dukeuniversitydon'tshootDuke University

georgiastatedontshootGeorgia State University

gsudontshootGrambling State University

umassdon'tshootUniversity of Massachusetts

universityofmissouridon'tshootUniversity of Missouri

hudon'tshootHoward University

what schools did I miss?  where are the photos?



2 thoughts on “Political Focus in college SGA and BSU”

  1. My observation watching this development is that no problem on this earth is solved permanently.. It always comes back after a certain time.. So, the history repeats itself, like many other things..

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