Dear Colorado: Marijuana vs Motherhood?


I had to read various websites to ensure I was reading this clearly… Colorado, for the third time, wants to pass Amendment 67 that would ban all abortions, inclusive of rape and incest victims, and when a woman’s health is in danger.  I am not sure what they didn’t understand about it not being passed the first and second time… maybe it’s all that marijuana smoking???

The government has had this fixation on controlling a woman’s body for centuries upon centuries. 

I suppose since slavery and breeding was successfully accomplished, now the overall management of childbirth and reproduction is next to conquer.  If passed in November, this amendment will have the extents of banning in-vitro fertilization for families who want to have children and may have reproductive challenges.  This amendment would criminalize women in many ways.  Case in point, a woman who may suffer a miscarriage or still birth could be investigated and charged with manslaughter along with her doctor.  Amendment 67 will also bring about the possibility of any doctor who performs abortions to be jailed even if the decision were health based or the woman has been a victim of rape or incest.

Really Colorado?  And the nation cheered for your “progressive” thinking when you legalized the selling and usage of marijuana.  Now you take a HUGE move backwards!  This makes one wonder… what is the ulterior motive?  Why is this control over a woman’s reproductive system so important that you are attempting this amendment for a third time?

Let this be a wake call for all!  Your state is next!  Know what is at stake and how you can support Vote No 67!


More info at the link below:

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