Ferguson: no longer important?; Still Very Potent

The media has moved on to something else.  The murder of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Mo. is now old news and the country is in an uproar over Nick and Mariah getting divorced and Ebola making its’ way into the states.  Just like the country was in nation wide support and rallies for the “Bring Back Our Girls” distress from Nigeria, we have now obeyed the media and moved our emotions elsewhere.  But this little town in Missouri has vowed NOT to be satisfied with being told, “justice will be served.”  No, not this town!  While we sleep, they take shifts and keep the city officials on their toes with protests and sustained organizing until they can speak in past tense, “justice has been served.”

Someone has done their homework.

Historically, African American communities have educated and encouraged the youth to protest and get involved to bring nation wide attention to civil unrest during the civil rights movement.  This was proven successful in Florida, Mississippi, North Carolina, Alabama and several other places.  Our elders realized their lives were not important but if television showed youth being assaulted with batons, police dogs and the damaging pressure force of fire hose, something would be done.  And that is exactly what happened!  This is what Ferguson is now doing, getting the youth organized to join the daily protests in the streets and outside police departments demanding the arrest of the officer that murdered Michael Brown.  The difference is, the world is now desensitized to the mischief of youth, in particular African American youth, and their current efforts are not worthy of media attention.  But, they won’t rest.

They are arrested for peaceful protesting in front of a police station and sit in jail with high bail:

ferguson arrests twitter

Featured Image -- 1691

They stop highway traffic:



They stop performance at the St. Louis Symphony:


While we sleep, they will STAY WOKE until they can speak in past tense, “Justice has been served.”




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