a Village of Didactics



Every village has the fire starters, the roux makers, the pot stirrers and the servers.  To sustain we must eat.  To eat we must prepare.  To prepare we must know what it is we need.


I come from a village of didactics that met around various fires in Los Angeles, Ca.  I have served all of the above positions and mainly now operate as a pot stirrer and server.  The village I come from readied me for travels across the country and I have eaten at other tables and I have found comfort in Atlanta, Ga.


While we do have a fine manuscript for direction, “Run Towards Fear: A Poet’s Handbook” written by our elder from the Black Arts Movement, Haki Madhubuti.  I recently asked a few art comrades, “what is their responsibility as an artist?”  This is their response composed as prose.

My Responsibility to You

This is to you,

from a disposition of utmost sincere expression

The occupancy where colors announce families/ one word at a time

risk taking words that demand                                                     / reflection

words that are bold and confront the world

/ stop it from going to sleep.

Yes!  From what and who I am today delivering pillars of truth and honesty

for a better me / an honest transparent me / accepting all of me

a perpetual student vulnerable to the cultivation of my own thinking

an informed voice to the mentally blind

agitating synonyms and proposed purpose

and by default      /manipulate life.

Inspired by these artists and their below responses: 

Tshaka               To agitate; the ability to manipulate the word, then in turn by default manipulate life

Spencer              To confront fears and insecurities; show vulnerability

Joli                       To develop my thinking and communication skills; to be an informed voice

Floyd                   Provide sight to the mentally blind

Sandra                You must be a perpetual student in your genre

Mouth Peace    To accept all of me

Tam                     To be honest and transparent

Eryk                    To be true to what and who I am; to be sincere

Mark                   To bring truth honesty and entertainment to better someone else.

Judah                Be bold; confront

Sage                   Demand reflection

Max                   Quoted Salman Rushdie – “…shape the world and stop it from going to sleep.”

Cory                  To be consistent and be a risk taker

Lorenzo           Revolutionize thinking one word at a time

PaPa Sak         Give to the community my sincere expression



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