Five Ways to Keep Your Team Inspired

You are only as good as your team!  Here are five ways to keep your team inspired to drive the positive business results you are looking for:


team jumping

1.     Lead through their strengths.  -When/where do they perform at their best?  Ensure your team feels valued!

2.    Reinforce positive behaviors more than coaching to corrections.  -Let your team know you appreciate them for all they do.

3.     Solicit their input and incorporate their ideas into business planning.  -Let your leaders lead!  Allow them to lead change in the business from their perspective.

4.     Lend their talents throughout the company.  -Stretch their skills to other teams in the company to allow adaptability and demonstrate flexible leadership.

5.     Remember the small things. -Coach from the business and human skill set.  You work with them 40+ hours a week so remembering their children’s names, their birthdays and/or favorite snack demonstrates you are invested in them completely.

Good luck with building those WINNING teams!


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