those famous words


Those famous words said to a friend during Friday nights’ happy hour or a Sunday night meltdown. Come on, it’s not just me!

I am in a countdown mode on leaving my incredibly well paying management job of six years. Since taking on the parenting of my nephews and nieces, I had to acquire a sense of security for bills, therapy sessions, health insurance, after school activities, etc. And doing this as a single woman would’ve really been a challenge had I not fallen back on my “I know how to build a winning team” face. So, how do I feel?

Today I feel certain. Certain that this is what I must do. Certain that the universe will provide if I follow what fulfills my life. Fulfilling my life is performing, speaking and writing. That’s the end and exclamation point. Of course I have been thinking of this for months now so a financial plan is in place and now it is about how I manage my time so after my 9-5 I can come home and work on my art.

Some days I am filled with fear and anxiety but not today. Today I know for certain I will move forward with my life as an artist and active aunt of four. When will you follow your heart and make it Plan A?

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