The Next Few Chapters

For Women’s Month in March I had a focus on celebrating women that inspire me as an artist and a woman. I did pretty good with being consistent and even had my nieces get involved and write about someone as well as honor one another. Now being an artist, for the month of April it was only natural for me to publish a poem a day for National Poetry Month. So here we are in May and the weather is turning warm and summer smells flow from the flowers and the days are longer. By the way, summer is my favorite season! (and my bday is in July 🙂 I am working on some great projects to debut later this summer and in the fall that I am very excited about. And the cherry on top is school being out in two weeks and I get to send the kids to stay with their mother, my sister, for a month or so!

I have my mind involved and wrapped in two amazing projects but I have to continue to be consistent with maintaining my blog. I was tossing between writing love stories for the month of May but what I think I will do is submit a few quotes a week and write commentary on it. This will allow my energy to stay simplified and light so I can be as abandoned of ego as possible. I am a grateful to all the people that have chosen to follow my blog. I truly thank you for your time and interest in my voice.

So join me for inspirational quotes during the month of May.


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