A Prose for Fannie Lou Hamer


She stood by the bedside of Jordan. A lotus. Feet grown from delta mud. She was creation. Exploded from chaos. A holistic believer.

If you see her. Tell her you remember. Her protected skin that matched night. Unafraid. Sleep patterned to that of bats. Called upon. Like Nut and Shu. To uphold the heavens. Keep young mouths breathing. When tempted to swallow swollen faith. She followed dust and escaped through the vents.

She believed in every rain drop. In every baby’s cry. Others snapped their necks against frozen water. Prayed up. Since the fire started. She conquered all octaves. Roamed every chance in her soul. Democratic National Convention. Taught. Listened. Patient black sheep. In the cotton fields. Raised a Freedom Farm. Thousands rejoiced. Fulfilled. God spoke. Tell me now.

Forgive his-story. If you see her. Tell her you remember.

from the short story book, “Mississippi Window Cracks” by Nikki Skies

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