some days I feel like the earth, for Kyra

all month I have been writing prose to acknowledge women that have directly influenced my life and perception on living as an artist. this week, I have decided to let these little women that are living in my home to write and express for one another and for women that they want to share information on.

first up is Kyra, the baby. my Taurus. my earth. the negotiator.


I got custody of her when she was one and still in diapers. the day my sister left, Kyra stayed up all night walking around the house looking for her. she cried from room to room looking for her mother. she was not even close to understanding the incredibly tough decision my sister made with leaving her children behind to be raised by her sister. now at almost eight years old, she still can’t be close to understanding. the night time was the toughest because the other kids would go to sleep in preparation for school and she had a routine of staying up with my sister. the first two nights, I sat on the stair steps with her and we looked out at a street lamp through one of the hallway windows. she cried herself to sleep and stared at the street light… I cried too. night three, she was okay.

now Kyra is my right hand gal! she is energetic but keeps me grounded because she asks those “tough” questions. all in my business! (haha) she is my ball of energy from sunrise to sunset. I thought she would grow out of her running from place to place but NO! she still will run from the couch to the television! from her bed to her closet! honestly, it drives me to the edge of the cliff 98% of the time but I wouldn’t have my life any other way. nothing more, nothing less.


she tells me she is going to live next door to me when she grows up so we can be together. she made the principal’s honor roll, made the double dutch jump rope squad, stuck through a whole season of playing soccer and willing to try almost anything her sisters are doing. this little lady keeps me grounded. she has been looking to me since she was one year old… my earth, Kyra.

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