some days i feel like, jamaica kincaid


some days I feel like jamaica kincaid because I just don’t want to write a book. I want to tell their story just like I witnessed or heard of the occasion, a short story. sometimes funny, sometimes loving and sometimes just plain ‘ole dramatic/angry/sad.

Kincaid is an award winning author of both fiction and non-fiction work. she has authored some of my favorite short story books! her stories are not compelled to drive the story to the methodical structures of writing but to finish the destination of what the characters are feeling. I love her work because it is about “the people” not so much the story. I was living in Washington DC when I first heard of her. I was with a friend who wanted to go in to her book signing and hear what people had to say about her being an “angry writer”. Well, I opted to not go in and I met up with my friend later that day. Fast forward some 8 years later, I come across one of her books at a book store and decide to give her a try. LOVED IT! Kicked myself for not going in and listening to her book signing and becoming a fan of her work back then!

some day’s I feel like jamaica Kincaid because I want to write from an emotional stand point and simply share the human experience without being labored with following the standardized methods. people have referred me as a “serious, revolutionary” writer. I believe I write according to the temperature. yes… some day’s I am simply misunderstood like Kincaid.

“Everything I say is true, and everything I say is not true. You couldn’t admit any of it to a court of law. It would not be good evidence.”- Jamaica Kincaid

One thought on “some days i feel like, jamaica kincaid”

  1. Lovely! I’ve only ever read one Jamaica Kincaid book but I would definitely love to read more.

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