some days i feel like, queen hatshepshut


some days I feel like Pharaoh Hatshepsut. meaning, I feel like a disguised power. I feel like hiding myself in the corners of my thoughts and actions and being honored in the years to come. I feel like her necessity to be mysterious survived her a place in herstory.

Hatshepsut re-established wealth of the dynasty during her reign and was considered as one of the most prolific builders in ancient Egypt. she developed the land that is now known as the valley of the kings. she constructed what is still the tallest surviving ancient obelisk on earth to date. it has been noted that after her reign, pharaohs attempted to claim some of her projects as theirs.

when I think of defining loyalty and having an non-scrupled devotion to family and culture, I think of pharaoh hatshepsut. perhaps the way she felt in many of her peaceful foreign policy and military campaigns. being a ruler was in her heart while not so accepted by common society. some days I feel like pharaoh Hatshepsut in a society that has a controlled media source on what/how I should perform things as a woman. I have to write about my time here from my voice! it has to get done, regardless and in spite of.


One thought on “some days i feel like, queen hatshepshut”

  1. Hatshepsut, meaning Foremost of Noble Ladies, lived from BCE 1508–1458.

    And I approve your translation of a great leader to inspire self-empowerment!

    You may have noticed I do similar?

    Coincidentally, the great leader that inspires me titled one of his music albums HIStory, and you use herstory here. So of course, I love your post even more;-].

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