some days i feel like, bell hooks

bell hooks

some days I feel like, bell hooks. I feel radical enough to express my mental health even when it exposes my family. It is done with respect and an ambition to grow. I can’t remember the first book I read by bell hooks but I remember feeling like I was having an incredibly intimate and engaging conversation. like the writing legacy I want to leave behind, bell hooks has mastered her craft. she stands alone with the interconnectivity she entails with gender, race and capitalism. she is pro a progressive and critically thinking culture. she is pro living life in a just and freedom filled way.

some days I feel like, bell hooks.

2 thoughts on “some days i feel like, bell hooks”

  1. I love bell hooks so much! The book of hers that touched me the most was “Remembered Rapture.” Just reading those essays made me realize that as a black woman I must write, and write a lot. She also helped me understand the importance of authenticity and having a voice. I love her for that. Plus she’s feisty, even better!

    1. Yes! If we don’t document our experiences from our own voice we are the blame. If you ever get to see read/speak in person please don’t miss it!

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