the Fourth wall

When reading the title, all theatre-goers knew immediately what the fourth wall is! In the theatre world, we have upstage, wing left and right and then the audience which is the fourth wall. The entire production is built around the fourth wall and their experience.

I started in theatre and truly believe the reason I love performance poetry so much is because it allows me to feel like I have a fourth wall. Dramas or “passions” can be traced back to the antiquity of Africa. Theatre is closely connected with healing through the seven sciences of the world. I have always had an interest in the connection of the emotions of art with the human spirit and how they come together to make history. I’ve always wanted to be a part of that magic, I’ve always wanted to connect people with their past or vice versa. Even in my poetry, my muse has been one with a love for ancient times.

I am many things as an artist. Right now, I am a playwright. And I am writing for voices coming to me from Birmingham. I love them and you will too. More to come…

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