You’ll Love the Journey!

If I had the guts to share my dating adventures with the world you’d laugh hysterically! See, it is dotingly entitled, Project NYE (New Years Eve) 2013. I tried speed dating and found it to be very exhausting! So now I am trying my hand at flirting, meeting “friends of friends” and online dating. My immediate circle of friends absolutely live for the adventures I am having! (especially my married friends!) But I just can’t bring myself to share with the world the “fun” this experience is for me.

From the photos of men with baby toys in the background to the man wearing sunglasses in all his photos! From the man who drove all the back roads in Atlanta to get to our date because his tags were expired to the man who claimed he didn’t smoke but his lips were black as the backs of my knee caps! From the man who… you get the picture right? This is me not wanting to be judged so I won’t tell you! But, I will definitely put it in a book! You’ll love the stories. The stories of simple humans and their journey on discovering love.

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