her pillow, my money!

Her tooth was loose for days now and literally hanging on by a slither of a root.  This would be her 1st tooth out and she had heard from her sister and two older brothers about… The Tooth Fairy.

You get money for your two top and bottom teeth.  She was excited to get this money but so afraid for someone to pull it out!  She ate gingerly for days.  Chewed her food oh so carefully around this tooth so it would not fall out.  But I had a plan!  If I made her chicken fingers and gave her an ample amount of buttermilk ranch to dip them in she would focus on eating only.  It worked!  The top tooth fell out during one of her chicken dips!

Right before her bath, I could feel the energy had changed around this whole tooth fairy and getting money scenario.  Her questions were quite serious, “is she mean?”, “is she going to come in the room while I’m sleep?”, “do you know her?”  I realized this tooth fairy story was disturbing.

Think about it, a white woman with wings coming into your room while you are sleep to collect teeth???  I believed the concern in my nieces’ eyes and told her if she didn’t want her to come to let me know.  Her older sister immediately jumped in and told her she was, “crazy for not wanting to get money.”  Before she went to sleep, I privately reassured her she did not have to put her tooth under her pillow if she didn’t want her to come.  She told me, “she can come… but I want the money under my pillow.”

I set my alarm for 2am to check under her pillow and the tooth was not there.  I was pleased that she was thinking so critically to even address concern with someone sneaking into her room at night.  Then I remembered her last sentence to me, “under my pillow.”  I looked across the room at her older sister who was acting oh so brave and teasing her the evening before.  Something told me to check under her pillow… YEP! She put the tooth under her sister’s pillow but wanted to collect the money for herself!

Smart girl!  Proud she thought outside the box to reap a reward at five years old!



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