Aim Higher! (take what you can?…)

Something is better than nothing, right?

This is one of those statements that need to be eradicated from culture!  NO!  Something is not better than nothing!  This statement keeps us from our highest potential.  This statement has been a crutch for mediocrity and a grand contradiction in the education of families and the progression of communities.  Such unconscious statements have survived our families and we keep them relative without actualizing the potential danger.

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Who Made the Potato Salad?

You remember, before you left the house going to someone’s house your mother reminded you of the etiquette rules:

“When we get over here, you better NOT embarrass me!  If there is something on your plate you don’t like, don’t you go making a big scene!
You push it over to the side and eat around it.  When you’re done with what you want, put your napkin over the plate and politely put it down
by your feet!”

The proper time to voice your complaints were when you got in the car or home. You could ask, “who made the potato salad?”  You could pass your judgement, ‘It was warm or it was too yellow or it had no taste or the potatoes were hard’.  Your mother was simply appeased you behaved while in public even through your discomfort.

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A Week Late, Dollars Saved



Just like in the movie, “Donnie Brasco”, Al Pacino’s character knew what “get sent for” meant.  He had dinner with his wife, put his jewelry and money in a box and told her not to wait up for him tonight.  I knew my last day of employment was coming.  I could feel it.  I could sense the detached nature from the next level of management.  The comments of “I’ll call you right back” turned into “I’ll contact you in a few days.”

It had happened.  Just like the laws of nature said it would!  “All that we are is the result of what we have thought.”  Six months earlier I had lunch with two of my colleagues and showed them copies of my poetry and short story book.  They were floored!  I went on to tell them that prior to me moving to Atlanta to take on my sisters children, I lived my life as an artist.  I felt relief as I confessed to them that I am a writer of many facets.  Now caring for a family, a ‘sure bet’ check is what I needed to settle into my new role as a parent.  During our lunch together I shared with them that I would be leaving our employer before the hectic holiday season arrived to once again pursue my life as an artist.  I showed them a countdown widget I downloaded on my cellphone that festively displayed how many more days I had left.  They were shocked but very happy for me.  I now had support from two women whom I admired and trusted.

I owed this same conversation with one of my managers who I’ve worked with since my first day with the company.  A brilliant talent and inspiring leader,  she worked her way through several positions in the company and excelled at them all.  I brought her copies of my book and shared with her that was the “real me”.  She was not surprised!  She told me she could tell I had something else to me because of my colorful emails I would send out to the team about contests, etc.  Since she had been with me from day one I wanted to let her know of my plans of leaving so she wouldn’t be blind sighted.  To my surprise, she had plans of leaving too!  As a matter of fact, I had to almost beg her not to leave before me and ask if we could agree to leave the same month.  Wheesh!  She agreed.

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I was asked, “what is a SpokenVizionary?”

part of my response, “Writing is like an eye for an eye.  It’s gifted reciprocity.  You get it back with a blow or a bow, but it’s certainly yours.”

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