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I was asked, “what is a SpokenVizionary?”

part of my response, “Writing is like an eye for an eye.  It’s gifted reciprocity.  You get it back with a blow or a bow, but it’s certainly yours.”

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She Isn’t Who Appears

You can smile in the face of opposition when you know they are simply there because of a prayer being manifested.  And the yang of the situation is whatever their mission is.  When you remove yourself, detach from emotions, this very moment is what you asked for.  It is what you have imagined in your head, it is what you need.

I announced months ago to friends and family that I would be leaving the field of executive management.  In my journal I write what I want, I meditate these words to white candles and at the gym on the stair climber I imagine what I want.  I have to accept everything that appears in my life from this moment forward is needed to get me there.  Perhaps it will serve me as food or maybe a tack that stuck my in the side to help me later post a reminder message to myself.  Right now,  it has come in the form of another manager on her journey and ours have crossed.


She stands around 5’8 with horribly applied eye makeup.  Hair to no particular season or fashion.  We’ll call her Ms. Eyeliner.  Ms. Eyeliner can be labeled as a control freak or even incredibly insecure.  She is known to be vindictive.  She leaves her family every week to work with a group of women who could care less of her conversation or existence.  And she has it out for me.  Or does she?  In the moment of things, emotions attached, one can concretely feel this way and express it.  In silence I wonder if my father sent her?

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You Can Occupy!

shaking hands


Please accept my apology for living in your space for some six years. It was guaranteed money every two weeks with full health benefits and it allowed me a flexible schedule. Please understand I had just moved to Atlanta from Los Angeles to care for my sister’s five children and I needed something that would be consistent and didn’t have me worrying about money.

But don’t worry! I didn’t set you back from any progression you made in the workforce. I proved to be a fair and dependable leader. I developed winning teams in quite a few company launches and earned bonus money for my management time several times a year. You will be proud of what I have done with my time here.  I have maintained payroll within budget, improved retention through associate engagement and the sales performance has you outpacing the balance of the company in sales by some 11% or more!

Thank you. Thank you for allowing me to occupy your space so I could settle into being a parent. This space is now yours again as I have once again outgrown it. I have no more wood to strike and create a fire to spark some passion for this place. The best of luck to you in the corporate world, I wish you well!


Nikki, ex successful retail manager